Air Conditioning Maintenance

The service and maintenance of an air conditioning system is a vitally important requirement which will save you money and extend its life span of service. Regular air conditioning maintenance is essential, to ensure that a continually high standard of system performance is achieved and managed.

What can possibly go wrong?

Air conditioners are complex mechanical systems that depend on a wide variety of conditions to work correctly. They are sized to meet a certain “load” on the building. They are designed to have certain amount of refrigerant, known as the “charge”and to have a certain amount of air flow across the coils. When any of these things change, the system will have problems. This can result with some obvious signs:

  • Higher energy bills and lower performance are sure signs your air conditioning unit needs fixing but symptoms like these might also be clues:

  • Mouldy odours or other “off” smells

  • A noisy air flow, or bumping noises when the blower starts up

  • Streaks of what looks like “dirt” on air conditioning grills

  • Recurrent power failures in your area (voltage issues can really affect air conditioning units).

Repairs to air conditioning systems are expensive, disruptive and inconvenient. ChillCo will help prevent that happening.